Hashtag is the power

Hashtag is the power


Aka——“data about data” or “documentation about data”.

Tagging is an example of metadata.

Today, we are more likely to use hashtags instead of cataloging your posts…

I were kinda dull to the new trend, no matter it is about entertainment industry or cutting-edge stuff. However, this situation has been changed since I started to use some specific apps on my smartphone. Like my friend said to me, you can’t resist the emergence of new things, because eventually they come in handy. Social media is such a prosperous platform. If your idea about social media is stagnating at the level of updating your photos and posting status, obviously, you are out of the trend for ages.



“The pound sign or hashtag is visually represented by the symbol ‘#’, and by placing the symbol in front of a word (or series of words) on a social network, it will turn that word into a metadata tag. In simple English, the # symbol turns the word(s) immediately following it into a searchable term that can be used on that website or social network, which is activated by someone clicking on that hashtag.” ——Posted by Nick Lewis on Mar 21, 2013 in Blog, Hashtags, Social Media, Twitter.

Actually, for the famous social media landmark Facebook, hashtags, on the contrary, is not that common and useful. Hashtags are only becoming useful if online social media users are looking for them. However, the truth is … people do.


“It’s going to take a while for people to get into the habit of using Facebook #hashtags, but for brands that do adopt it, it can be a powerful search tool for organizing information, targeting new audiences, and being part of larger conversations,” Gerard Crichlow said. He is a director of social media strategy in Droga5 company. “Shame though that it doesn’t collect public posts like Twitter does. Such a miss.”

Well, who can say it won’t happen soon? From the invention of Instagram to the prevalent success, it only took three months to let people addicted to it.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur fan for nice pictures, if you have a smart phone you probably already heard a lot about the photo-specific social media Instagram. This mobile-only app is kinda genius because you have a certainly place for sharing photos, which is not only limited to your “facebook friends” but also people from all over the world. The only reason why everyone can blend together on Instagram is hashtag, a metadata.

On Instagram, users create hashtags in order to increase their followers and likes. When the photo is posted, the hashtags become links to each different collection of other photos tagged with the same word (this is so called hashtag for). Proper hashtagging can lead to two results. First, you may gain a lot of non-followers to browse through your photos. Second, you may just become one part of metadata for the online social media, which is exactly what marketing people rely on. Hashtag folders are not only collections but also a database for some professional analysis.


Once users click some certain hashtags, the metadata will collect those numbers. The viewer will be presented in that genre. In this respect, it is not hard to imagine that how powerful marketing or lobbying tool it is. Typical users of social media intend to highlight their post to others who may commentate on the same page. Now, they have hashtags.

It is like a brand. And you are trying to promote yourself in this platform. And hashtags are your catch-phrases.

The controversial music video by Robin Thicke, which you probably heard thousands of times, is quite clear to explain this hashtag trend. As a huge summer hit, Blurred lines featured the hashtag #Thicke as an image, superimposing on the music video. A similar phenomenon can be seen elsewhere. From Black Eyed Pea’s song: #ThatPower to Katty Perry, if social media already became a mainstream to the world, then, it is the time to put hashtags into the business.


The only worry I may have, is how we use this metadata properly. If the hashtags have antennas, I do hope that those antennas can lead people gathering together, instead of messing together.









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