Hashtag is the power

Hashtag is the power


Aka——“data about data” or “documentation about data”.

Tagging is an example of metadata.

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Invisible Copyright for Virtual World


Copyright is like a three-ring circus filled with different categories, a minefield with a parade of tricky people flanking around.

I came from the country where knockoffs are prevalent than real stuff. I have to admit that free access to everything means a lot to the public. However, being free doesn’t mean infringing other people’s works. Intellectual property law for business, media industry, and society is absolutely crucial.

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A Facade of Online Credibility

create-credibility-online“If you wanna looks more trustworthy, you can write something about yourself. And keep updating your blog. So people won’t think that you are just transitorily blogging.” Kath said that on Monday night. Who can stop writing and keep getting attentions at the same time? I guess the answer will be – no one. But if we ask for another question – who can be trusted on the online platform? The one exposing themselves with some personal details under the public light or the one has crazy stuff on his blog but keeping anonymous identity. The answer probably will be the positive one.

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Harsh Words from Your Comments

Hate from Your Comments

We certainly all have such experiences that when you read a post or tweet, it’s getting seriously offensive if someone says something too personal to the author. There is no doubt that anonymity can lead the social media platform to an irrational situation which everyone can be an attacker or attacked by others.


It reminds me during the class, Kath mentioned about “Forth Estate”, which has been change quite different due to the changes of media platform.We all know that online social media are a powerful tool which can be really useful and professional as well, which is the reason why it has become so popular. While, as Axel Bruns and Mark Bahnisch defined

technologies to provide space for in-depth social interaction, community formation, and the tackling of collaborative projects  (2009),

the changes should have promoted social interaction instead of hindering it. So, where we started? And why we keep harassing the online publishers, pretended that we are innocent?

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Self-torture or Narcissism

Will u be excited when u see someone "like" ur post on FB?

Will u be excited when u see someone “like” ur post on FB?

Have you ever feel you just wanna ignore someone’s post or twitter for being such a narcissistic person on websites? Have you ever hesitate to block someone’s updates because you still wanna see his or her statuses? Have you ever get bored by those drunk, dull, sexual, aggressive, provocative photos on your Facebook? But why we couldn’t quit updating those photos? Why we cannot say that we won’t post those photos for the same reason?

At least, I can’t.

I can’t quit my social media networks. It can be easily reasonable to understand the reason. Why? People may look like idiots when they use their smart phones or laptops to update their friend’s pages. At the same time, that person will probably meet up with you after the work.  However, It doesn’t mean we have the same relationship in the reality. What we have on the social websites are not 100% true stories. We may pretend to be someone else. We may post those funny photos just to show others how funny person I can be. And those “likes” are fulfilling your narcissistic ego to be a social person. But, the truth is, who cares?

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Shadow on Our Side – Facebook is Spooky

By CNNJust a couple of days ago, a Florida man confessed to the police that he killed his wife. Derek Medina, 31, had posted a picture of Jennifer Alfonso’s corpse photo (which she was his wife) to his Facebook feed with a note.

“I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys, take care, Facebook people you will see me in the news” He wrote.

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